Get Lit and Chill: 4/20 at 7th Heaven

April 20th is every stoner’s favorite day of the year. As Kansas City’s favorite smoke shop for more than 45 years, we’ve got the experience and selection to make sure all of KC enjoys a lit 4/20 this year. 

What’s 4/20?

Because marijuana wasn’t always as accepted as it is now, partakers found using code words beneficial when discussing their plans. Of the many terms that came about, 4/20, 420, and 4:20 grew in popularity because of their relation to a particular time (4:20 pm) and date (April 20th). Tokers around the world celebrate a big day of weed and weed culture appreciation on April 20th. 

After the last round of elections in this country, only 6 states still have cannabis as a fully illegal substance (ಠ_ಠ wtf, Kansas) whereas 15 states have fully legalized it for recreational use. The rest of the states have either legalized it medically, decriminalized it, or both. This means we can expect one of the largest celebrations for 4/20 across our country this year! 

The History of 420

So now you know where to go to celebrate, but where did these most sacred of numbers come from? Like most good things related to weed, the origins of 420 can be traced back to sunny California. According to Time, the most credible origin story can be traced back to the early 1970s and a group of high schoolers who called themselves “the Waldos.” They found 4:20 pm was a convenient time to meet up and get high since all their extracurricular activities were finished by then. 420 became their secret code for marijuana that followed one member of the group throughout his time as a roadie for Grateful Dead bassist, Phil Lesh.

It was in December of 1990 that a group of Deadheads in Oakland handed out flyers inviting folks to smoke “420” on April 20 at 4:20 pm. High Times reporter Steve Bloom ended up with one of those flyers, and it was printed in High Times in 1991. The famous cannabis culture magazine continued using the term 420, and soon the whole wide world was exchanging a giggle and a glance when the clock hit 4:20.

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Celebrating 4/20 with 7th Heaven

If you’re wanting to celebrate 4/20 with some dank in Kansas City, you should have your official Missouri medical marijuana license. Once you’ve been approved for your card, you’ll be able to hit up one of the many new dispensaries in the area to pick up some bud or edibles. From there, we’d be more than happy to provide you with any of your smoking essentials. 

We are the best smoke and vape shop in Kansas City, hands down. Our selection of glass includes handblown, local pieces from Dusty Glass, Simply Glass, Brower, Bryan Clark, Topher, Kross, JeffSidney and more. 7th Heaven has exclusive brands like Chameleon, Ehle ,Roor, M&M Tech, Hvy Glass and more.  We’ve got spoons, bubblers, Sherlocks, Gandalfs, rigs, bongs, pipes, spare stems, papers, rolling trays, lighters, ashtrays, and much more. 

We’ve got pieces for every need and every aesthetic, whether you want pristine clear glass (we’ve got cleaners, too 🙂 ) or vibrant colors. Have a bong you love but want to mix it up a little or replace certain parts? We’ve got percolator attachments that’ll fit your glass-on-glass set up. 

Vaporizers and more

If you thought our insane selection of glass pieces was impressive, just wait. We’ve also got a huge variety of vaporizers for flower, oil and concentrates. Our expert staff can walk you through the different vaporizers we offer so you know you’re getting something compatible with your preferences. Brands we carry include the popular PAX, Wulf, DaVinci, Volcano, and more. 

We also carry incense, body detox products, CBD, and Kratom. And we’ve got Kansas City’s best selection of grinders, stash safes, screens, torches, everything RAW, themed gifts, smell-proof pouches, jars, and more. It’s literally too much for us to remember, you’ll just have to come check it out. 

Stock up on pieces and prep for some tunes

Nothing goes together like good bud and good music. Don’t let the high of 4/20 fade away, instead ride it all the way to Record Store Day (RSD)! You’ll already be set with your pipes, papers, and bongs, so mark your calendar to hit up RSD at 7th Heaven’s Vinyl Underground to get limited edition record releases! 

Celebrate the good things with 7th Heaven

Here’s the deal, Kansas City: we’re not just a record store near you, we are THE record store near you, and nothing goes with rad tunes like a toke of that sweet, sticky green out of one of our incredible pieces. Come by to see our amazing collection of new and used vinyl records and chill with the city’s biggest music enthusiasts, then hit up the smoke shop for a new pipe or bong to make your 4/20 something special. 

Come take a walk on Kansas City’s wild side at 7th Heaven or shop online!