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Yeah, there are other places in Kansas City to buy adult toys—but they suck. They’re generic and boring, or worse—a “dirty book store.”

We’re a well-lit establishment, staffed by friendly, non-judgmental Sexperts. Our adult store in Kansas City has something for the beginner and the experienced. Besides, who wouldn’t want to get their bondage-gear advice from a real dominatrix? That’s right, we said it. Come say hi.

We offer an eye-popping, pants-popping selection of all the best stuff: vibes, restraints, lingerie, lubes, solo-use, and beyond. We are constantly stocking the newest, most creative toys. See us for KC’s best variety of toe-curling higher-end $ vibes!

We don’t leave anyone out when it comes to sex. Whatever your orientation, we have something to offer that we bet you haven’t seen before! We’re proud to offer Kansas City’s largest selection of African-American themed adult toys.

Featured Product
E-Stim and Violet Wands (Mistress Isabella will shock you!)

First off, electricity isn’t for everyone. You like it to power your tv, but maybe not-so-much to put on your privates. But—how does one know? Let us school you on Violet Wands 101.  Electricity toys are all the rage, so why not let us show you a few things? Maybe it’s perfect for you, maybe it’s a big no-way. Can’t hurt to look.

Actually, in this case it can.

Just foolin’.


Featured Product
Waggerz Moving and Vibrating Fox Tail Anal Plug

This moving and vibrating tail is sure to bring out your animalistic instincts, with 3 speeds and 7 modes of function! Your owner will be mesmerized by the hypnotic wagging of your long, fluffy tail. Better yet, they will be able to control it! A wireless remote puts the power in their hands, allowing them to pleasure you from across the room with the intense booty buzzing. Show your partner how happy you are that your ass belongs to them. This delightful anal toy is made of premium silicone that is non-porous and phthalate-free. C’mon, get Foxy with your inner bad self! Guaranteed to make your partner sit up & beg!

Featured Product
Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Position Maker

“Take your Fetish Fantasy to the next level by challenging your physical limits with the Heavy Duty Position Master. Simply place the harness over your shoulders and snap the adjustable strap just below your chest. The sturdy thigh cuffs clip right to the harness positioning your legs at the perfect angle for a hard pounding while holding your legs firmly in place so they don’t tire when things are heating up. The harness also provides a sturdy grips so your partner can hold on for wild ride and features wrist cuffs to ensure that you won’t escape anytime soon. All cuffs are easily adjustable to fit most sizes with velcro straps and the chest harness adjusts with a simple tug. Now, assume the position and be the master of your next encounter.”       See….this is where to invest your hard-earned dollars. Who needs new tires when this is around??

We Love to Sell What Others Won’t!

For Her

We live in the Golden Age of sex toys, ladies. Allow us to lead you on your personal pilgrimage for the ultimate “O”! These aren’t your mother’s vibrators (because that’d be kinda weird, right?). From the budget line all the way up to ooh-la-la, 7th Heaven promises you many hours of….satisfaction.

Plenty of pleasure for a lady alone, or a couple, or a threesome, or….?

  • Best Vibrators, we got 'em!
  • Plugs and Penis Substitutes!
  • Lingerie (of all sizes!)
  • Lubes of All types
  • Sexual Enhancers--not just for men!
  • Bachelorette Party Gifts
  • Blindfolds, handcuffs & stripper poles!
  • Did we mention Vibrators??

For Him

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the pressure is on, guys. Don’t get left behind in giving your partner everything they deserve. 7th Heaven stocks a variety of the newest toys that will make you a superhero in the bedroom.

And for you solo guys, we haven’t forgotten you, either. Toys guaranteed to please the single man, so real you may just decide some alone time ain’t so bad!

  • Masturbation aides
  • Sexual enhancement supplements
  • Pumps
  • C-Rings
  • Prostate toys
  • Lubricants
  • Condoms


Puh-leez…Don’t even act like you’re not interested. It’s not all whips and chains, but it sure includes that, too. 7th Heaven’s adult store in Kansas City strives to offer unique, affordable toys for both the novice and the expert. Everyone fantasizes… why not take a walk on the wild side? Your partner’s eyes will light up more than you can imagine!

  • Bondage Toys
  • Restraints
  • Sex swings
  • Strap-Ons
  • Blindfolds & Gags
  • Whips & Crops
  • Synthetic fetish urine

And Don’t Forget…

There’s always something extra you can bring into the bedroom; whether you want to really spice it up or play it a little safer. Let your wild side loose with plugs or portable hard-ons—more choices than you can shake a penis at! And for those of you blushing—maybe a new lube? How about one that warms? How about one that cools? How about one that tastes like fruit? Or chocolate?

How about one that vibrates?

Nah, we’re just pulling your…leg.

  • Sexy Dice Games
  • Door swings & More
  • Bunny Tails (gotta see 'em!)
  • Costumes
  • Sex Stool (also, gotta see it!)
  • Toy Cleansers
  • Drinking/Smoking Games


We are so bringing sexy back. 7th Heaven is a full-service adult store in Kansas City, which means we’ve got what you need for that extra boost. No shame or judgement here. That’s what sexual enhancements are for—to help you out when you need it. Our staff will help you make the perfect choice just for you.

  • Sexual Enhancement Capsules, such as....
  • Rhino, Bull, Spanish Fly, Magnum, Trojan--so many more!
  • Penis pumps of all shapes & sizes
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7621 Troost Ave
Kansas City, MO 64131
(816) 361-9555
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Kia was amazing she was so polite with me and help me find the exact medicine bags that I needed so that I can stop caring all of my medicine bottles in my purse because they take up a lot of room. She was super kind and understanding whenever I had my service dog with me. I’ll add more when I’m not using the voice to text on my phone while I’m driving
— Laura M.
This place is absolutely massive. They have a ton of stuff (smoke store, adult store, clothing store, and one of the biggest record stores I've ever been in). The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable. There are other stores with more specialized selections, but for a one-stop-shop, this place is incredible. They may not have exactly what you're looking for, but they do have a little bit of everything.
— Dallas L.
I've always enjoyed going to 7th heaven.
— Troy T.
I love the three level floor! Theres so much here, with friendly staff
— Kat D.
Yesterday as i was looking for another store walked in here which i thought was the store i was looking for. This place is a gem, customer service was excellent, friendly,helpful. The young lady that help me was cute and helpful. Love the incense and many other products they have, they have another customer for sure. Will be returning today to get more incenses. Great place.
— Charles P.