How to use a pipe to smoke medical marijuana

How to use a pipe to smoke medical marijuana

Let us guess – you got your medical marijuana prescription and now you’re totally overwhelmed by your options. No biggie! It happens a lot more than you think. 

At 7th Heaven, Kansas City’s oldest and best smoke shop, we are happy to help beginners learn more about each of their options for taking their medicine. 

One of the most popular items we sell are glass pipes. Available in all shapes and sizes, these pipes can be a great way to administer your prescription without much hassle. How? Keep reading to learn how to use a pipe to smoke medical marijuana.

Let’s get into how a medical marijuana pipe works

There are three parts to every hand pipe:

  1. A mouthpiece: Obviously, this is where your mouth goes to inhale the medicine
  2. The bowl: This is where you place your ground cannabis 
  3. A carb hole: This is an airflow hole that can be covered and uncovered while using the pipe

Basically, the cannabis is heated in the bowl with a flame and inhaled through the mouthpiece. 

Why choose a pipe to take medical marijuana?

Why are glass pipes so popular with medical marijuana users? Well, hand pipes are super easy to carry and use, for starters. They are also:

  • Durable
  • Clean
  • Less harsh than rolling a joint
  • Easy to control dosage

It’s easy to see how a well-made glass pipe would be a go-to option for a beginner. 

Featuring a TON of local glass-blowing artists, you’ll have hundreds of options to choose from when shopping for a medical marijuana hand pipe, down to the color, pattern, shape, and even right-handed versus left-handed carb holes!

A guide to medical marijuana smoking accessories→

Need help finding a high quality pipe for your medical marijuana in Kansas City? Come to 7th Heaven!

While we can’t let you test the pipes in our store for obvious reasons, we can help you find a pipe that feels comfortable in your hand and show you exactly how you’ll use it to take your medicine. 

You can also take this helpful quiz to find out which smoking accessories you’ll need to pick up to successfully use medical marijuana. 

Take a look at our online shopping selection and be sure to visit us at 7621 Troost Ave. in Kansas City. We’re open 11am-8pm on Monday through Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sundays. 


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