The COOL Pool No. 2 Presented by The Rebellion Corporation

The COOL Pool returns with the most unique, bad ass and mindbending products that 7th Heaven has to offer! Presented to you by The Rebellion Corporation, #BeCapable. This week we wanted to focus on products that will assist with putting some style in your life style. These pieces are great conversation starters and a great way to learn a different side of yourself and other people. Every piece provides a great blend of aspects that we usually don’t see together. All of these pieces are produced by people that REFUSED to do it how it has been done. They felt different and moved accordingly. Overall, each of the pieces do a great job of mixing such a wide array of elements that you are bound to find something familiar while experiencing unfamiliar and even brand new concepts.

Ganesha, Incense holders, The COOL Pool
Spirtiual and functional. Mini incense holders to brighten up the energy. Ganesha is one of the most recognizable deities in Hinduism. The remover of obstacles and patron of arts and sciences, this is sure to welcome in some good vibes. Even if Hinduism isn’t your thing or religion, it’s the values that are represented. Welcome in the arts and good things are bound to follow. Anybody think these could float in The COOL POOL? #BeCapable


Hustleaire Oils, body oil, burning oil The COOL Pool
The people at Hustleaire always get in free at The COOL Pool. They live by the name. Hustle. Hustle constantly. Hustle endlessly. Local people that believe in something. Proof that if you work and belief in yourself, people will have to notice. A magazine, events, incense, whatever it is, they do it well and they do it different. A quality product everytime and smells that were created to appeal to the hustlers. This product is for the goers, the noise makers, and anyone that wants to make a statement. #BeCapable


The COOL Pool Wiz Khalifa RAW
Whether it’s his music or his personal ventures, Wiz Khalifa seems to go at things wholeheartedly. Wiz and his kit of smoking accessories are in THE COOL Pool this week because he gives us a great life example. Wiz broke barriers and has made a trail for so many in everything that he is involved with. Most of all, he had a dream and ran at it. Just years ago his face and name weren’t common. He is proof that no matter what, you can change the mindset. Anything can be done, if you do it the right way. #BeCapable


They say it's the small stuff that counts. Down to the finer details and smaller pieces of The Tobacco Floor, you will find the most unique pipes just for you to notice right then and there. These pieces represent that. Small water pipes on a shelf, almost lost in a sea of color.
They say it’s the small stuff that counts. Down to the finer details and smaller pieces of The Tobacco Floor, you will find the most unique pipes just for you to notice right then and there. These pieces represent that. Small water pipes on a shelf, almost lost in a sea of color. Just looking at them make you feel a way. They’re energetic. They bring you back to a finer time. Who didn’t have a toy like one of these. #7thHeavenKC specializes in nostalgia. These pieces here do everything they are supposed to and most importantly, are some of the most unique pieces in.. The COOL Pool. #BeCapable


Rich The Factor, #TheCOOLPool, MFR
Rich The Factor doesn’t sleep. He’s made of the same energy as Future or something. Clothing or music, the folowing that this man’s art has created is just incredible. Once again, if one of us can do it, we all can. The concept of ‘Rose’ is something to be considered in itself. MAKE IT! No matter where you come from. Look what you can be. Not only is his music so raw and specific, but it can not be duplicated. This is real. Rich makes into the Pool this week as a reminder to stay true and accept nothing else. Hmmm.. Maybe we’ll plant some blue roses around The COOL Pool #BeCapable


Irv Da Phenom, Dream Big Hustle Hard, Vol. 2
Does the title not say it all?! A young man from Kansas City, KS and living up to his title. Phenomenal! Whether it’s something as simple as the cover art or as complex as his lyrics, he makes sure to inspire. Proof of how good we all can be. Anyone that’s a fan of Outakast or Eminem, this local talent is sure to turn your ear. Stories and purpose to his flow. Thoughtful without being too conceptual. Keep this album away from The COOL Pool! It’ll turn it into a jacuzzi real quick. #BeCapable
















Bjork, Volta, Wanderlust, Innocence
Bjork’s 6th album, Volta was released in 2007. Wanderlust and Innocence are 2 of the singles released from the project. Just the cover art alone is mind bending and unique. This was her first and only album to break the Billboard top 200. This album had a different sound than most of her work, having 3 tracks produced by Timbaland. Some of her fans would go to say that Volta is some of Bjork’s weaker work. The numbers don’t lie. She felt a different type of motion and went for it. Nevermind the naysayers. She created something different and put it into the world to influence people. Most of the time, going for it is all it takes. Don’t be afraid to dive in.. The COOL Pool. #BeCapable


The Cool Pool, Flying Lotus, You're Dead!
Flying Lotus makes it’s this way because he doesn’t just dare to be different. He takes different and makes it reconsider itself. How unique can something get you may wonder while listening to this. Pure Genius! Jazz, electirc and a bit of hip hop blended into a whilrwind that makes waves even in The COOL Pool. #Be Capable