The COOL Pool presented by The Rebellion

The COOL Pool is a collection of unique, bad ass and most of all mind bending products that 7th Heaven has to offer! The Rebellion believes that everyone should be the most capable version of themself. We are here to bring you the elements to make you that superhero version of your self. These products will make you believe in things you thought wouldn’t or couldn’t exist. Products that will bother your creativity! Each of these pieces will show you how creative the people around us all are being and inspire anyone that longs to be so creative themselves. Consider this a hub for everything awesome from the COOLest place standing in Kansas City for almost 50 years! 7th Heaven has been a leader in forward thinking and alternative lifestyle. In other words, this is the ultimate collection to make you want to be as capable as you can be. All products are at the Troost location. #BeCapable #Legendary

K. Dot, Black Hippie, Top Dawg
Kendrick Lamar Delivered 2.5 of the most explosive albums in all of music over the past few years. Jazz elements and Lamar’s rough vocals are the perfect contrast to grab any listeners ear. That and his raw story telling create a new and innovative take on something we all know to well… growing up. Thoughtful and thought provoking, these albums speak to the wild child in all of us. #COOLPool
Blue Dress, native design
These dresses are perfect for most occasions. That right there is empowerment. Bright, vibrant colors and designs to make sure that you stand out in any crowd. A piece like this is for all those women looking to make an immediate statement, “I am bad ass and you will see me.” #COOLPool
Steel Rings
Stainless steel will always be a timeless look. It’s classic and immediately let’s someone know what you represent. For the baddest of the bad only! Rings like these are always the perfect reminder that when you look good, you feel good. Feeling good is where it all starts. With pieces like these you won’t have any choice but to feel such a way. #COOLPool
Ka-Bang, Czar Face MF DOOM
Inspectah Deck, 7L, and Esoteric combine to create some awesome noise. The group known as Czarface teamed up with MF DOOM to change your understanding of what rap or maybe even music should be, taking a classic New York sound and making it classical like The Beatles or Beethoven. They all are proof that you can be exactly who you want to be. And more so, that you can do it exactly how you want. It doesn’t have to be how everyone else does it. This is COOL simply because they believe it’s cool. #COOLPool
Tech N9ne, Absolute Power, Physical Discography
Absolute Power is right! Tech is on the list purely because of what he stands for. There is no one product from him that shows what he stands for because all of them represent him so well. Domination and individuality. That’s him. Anybody looking to understand this mindset check out all of his music. #COOLPool
SMILE, Whale mafi
The Kansas City Legend has been producing pure fire for years, setting an example that if you believe in your work, anything is possible. One of the hardest workest artists in the city and respected by many, he continues to drop music that his fans crave. This is the epitome of work over time. #COOLPool
Honeycomb Crutch Rolling Filter
Honeycomb Crutch by Blue Blazing Glass is a new take on old necessity. Filters. Made of Boro Glass and created for the perfect pull everytime. Someone fixed an issue that so many of us have run into when rolling our own cigarettes and cigars. The tobacco can get in your mouth or it may just move. The Honeycomb Cruth is the answer to all that. #COOLPool
Cookies containers and lighters
Cookies makes sure to stay on top of problems and come up with innovative ways to fix them or any other ones that may arise. They provide the perfect tobacco accessories from grinders to concentrate tools, Cookies is forward and blazing a trail in an industry that everyone is trying to become a part of. #COOLPool