Toke N’ Poke September Fun!

Welcome to the 7th Heaven’s Toke N’ Poke September Newsletter. Check out these products now available in our Tobacco & Love Shop.

7th Heaven knows Quality! This device unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they’re derived from. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve. Y’know what I’m say’in?

Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods
The Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is an innovative portable vaporizer that was designed to produce an incredible vape experience. Adding to its versatility, the Wulf Micro Plus has four variable voltage settings including 2.8V, 3.4V, 3.7V and 4.2V. This upgraded device also employs magnetic adapters that help keep the cartridge in place as well as switching out a breeze. Combing a powerful performance and functionality, the Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is the perfect addition to any vaper’s collection.



Unisex Black/Rasta Stripe Leaf Socks. One size fits most. Get some for the whole family! 7th Heaven — who loves ‘ya, baby?!


 The Palm Twist Hand Rolled Leaf display contain (50) hand rolled, 100% natural leaf tubes packages. Each package contains 1 pre-rolled leaf able to hold 1.5 grams each and a packing stick. These pre-rolled leaves have an installed crutch which is made from natural corn husk, allowing bigger and smoother draws. Contains no artificial preservatives. The leaf used is from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family originating from Singapore rain forests, offers the best smokable leaf in the world. The handpicked leaves are very resilient, cleaned with purified water, and hand-rolled. The result is a very slow burning tube and can be brushed with water for re-hydration. Each pack contains 2 rolls and a packing stick.  It’s from Singapore!  ‘Nuff said.
Aerospaced Grinder
Delivering a finely-shredded, dense material consistency with maximized surface area, this four-piece grinder is precision-engineered for a seamless, intuitive experience.
Razor-sharp teeth, Precision-balanced head, Optimized threading, High-strength neodymium magnets, Finely shredded, dense material output, Handsome anodized finish, Pollen catcher, Pollen scraper included (herb is not, friend!).
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         And just imagine the centerfold!!

Clandestine Devices Mimic Manta Ray – Seafoam

A Sensory Experience Designed To Be Touched.Fully rechargeable and waterproof, the MIMIC was crafted with comfort and pleasure in mind. Its unique, ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand. The simple interface allows intense vibrations to travel to their pinpoint location or a more broad sensitive zone. Equipped with a travel lock, for those on-the-go, and an LED base that assists in the dark and serves as a charging indicator, the MIMIC is bound to be a new favorite. However you prefer, the MIMIC is your best-kept secret. Feel free to keep it to yourself or share with someone close to you. 8 Vibration Patterns – keep things interesting Body Safe Silicone – for your most sensitive parts 100% Waterproof – enjoy anywhere Travel Lock – make your journey memorable– LED Glow, for when the lights go down! Discreet Vibrations – a secret worth keeping. Oh yeah…


Perfect Fit Play Zone Ring Toss Kit

Imagine if a finger ring only came in three sizes equivalent to the circumference of a dime and a quarter and a dollar coin – how would they fit? Well until now, cock rings were sized even farther apart than this! No wonder finding a good fitting cock ring is near impossible. Perfect Fit has developed the first cock ring sizing system designed to fit you without too much pull but with enough restriction to be truly effective. We had to throw-away the sizing system that has become the de facto standard. We determined that we had to make rings that are only 0.1″ (2.5mm) apart in sizing to get rings that would fit perfectly. The new rings are call Xact-Fit(TM). Now we make 14 Xact-Fit rings sizes where other manufacturers make only 3 to 5 sizes in this same range. We made them not too stretchy, so the rings are effective, but easier to get on and off than a metal ring. Our fun Play Zone kit contains the nine most used Xact-Fit sizes for shaft rings, ball rings, and cock & ball rings. We know you will be surprised at how this sizing makes all the difference. Made of a plush soft touch silicone the Xact-Fit ring is premium quality and incredibly strong. Each Xact-Fit ring is stamped with its size so no more guessing! Stack the rings for additional fun.  The Play Zone comes with a storage cone designed specifically to hold the Xact-Fit rings perfectly….No more guessing your size (be realistic, dude!), this set has it All!


HOT School Plaid Set – Queen Size

School Me set includes stretch knit top tie front crop top and pleated plaid skirt. One size fits plus 175 to 275 lbs. This boxed item will make you look hard for a study partner! Forget that GED, get a Master’s in Erotic fun!



Bull Capsules are a great male enhancement supplement to help men perform better in the bedroom. Experience fuller, thicker erections with just one pill. Bull is packaged with 3 pills per screw-cap bottle and will remain effective for between 48 to 72 hours. Go get’em, tiger! Only at 7th Heaven!!

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