Head Shop in Kansas City

The Best Head Shop in Kansas City

Embrace Your Wild Side


There’s no shortage of radical, locally owned stores and businesses in the Metro, but the best head shop in Kansas City is right here at 7th Heaven. Not only is our smoking accessories selection vast, it includes sick local glass you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, we’ve got records so you can meet a variety of needs with one convenient stop.

What Is a Head Shop in Kansas City?

Dictionary definitions don’t really influence what we do here at 7th Heaven. Basically, we’re a three-in-one stop with all of the smoking accessories, vinyl, and adult toys you could possibly need.

Breathe In Breathe Out

Our selection of smoking accessories will blow your mind. Pipes, water pipes, vapes, stash containers, odor-blockers, and so much more. Seriously, we can’t even remember what all is in there.

Leave No Trace

You don’t have to smoke to enjoy great home fragrance. Our candles and room sprays actively neutralize household odors, and our incense selection is second-to-none.

Home Fragrance

Spin It Right Round

Whether you’re selling your unwanted records or shopping for some new treasures, you’ll find everything you need at The Vinyl Underground.

The Vinyl Underground

Our Long, Strange

7th Heaven’s been Kansas City’s home for counterculture since 1974. Back then we sold 8-tracks, vinyl, used jeans, incense, turquoise jewelry, posters, stickers, and a variety of other stuff. By advertising on KY102 for many years, our business grew and included smoking accessories and lifestyle items.

We’re passionate about supporting other local businesses and artists, and we’ve had a lot of success giving musicians like Rich the Factor, and Tech N9ne an outlet for sales and self promotion. This same energy drives our business today, with our broad selection of locally blown glass and so much more.


Happy customers.

The best place to visit!!!

I want everyone to know this is by far the best place to visit!!! The way all there employees act and treat all whom enter , well long story short, I didn't feel like a customer I felt like I was home with my family. If I was the General Manager I'd be "DAMN PROUD"

– John L.

Good location

Love the soft glass water pipes.

– Heather B.

The mecca

The mecca of smoking accessories...which is just one from a plethora of other stuff.

– Trinity M.

Great place.

Yesterday as i was looking for another store walked in here which i thought was the store i was looking for. This place is a gem, customer service was excellent, friendly, helpful. The young lady that help me was cute and helpful. Love the incense and many other products they have, they have another customer for sure. Will be returning today to get more incenses.

– Charles P.

Was pleasantly surprised!!

They have all authentic RAW papers, tips, and cones. Not just a wimpy selection, but an entire WALL of RAW products, all authentic. You don't see that kinda collection anywhere! The papers that are 1 to 3 ft long. Clocks. Carpets. Glass tips. The cone packer pieces. I frequent Vegas, Denver, Cali a lot. Who woulda thought in the middle of Kc is all ALL your RAW needs?! And they have super cute clothes and great prices.

– Lumabee

Keep up the great work fam!

My boyfriend and I are frequent shoppers here and are never disappointed. Weather we go in with what we want in mind or have no idea what we want we always walk out on top! Mr. Matt is always such a big help and answers our questions to the best of his ability and knowledge which is always top notch!! Love the vibes when you first walk in being regulars we are greeted with hey your back again! Nice to see ya!! Very warming!

– Brianna B.

I love love love 7th Heaven!!!

I used to be in and out of that store so much back in the 90's. 🖤 It's still my favorite place, they always have anything that I may ever need. Glad that it's still in business I've always had nothing but positive / excellent experiences every time I've went to shop there. Peace. 🖤

– Graham H.

Great service and relaxing atmosphere.

I was greeted by an attractive blond guy who's name I missed, but he offered his assistance, but allowed me to window shop for a minute without being buggy. He showed me some merchandise to match what I asked for and checked me out. Thanks dude.

– Brian S.