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Smoke Shop

For over 40 years, 7th Heaven has been Kansas City's largest premier smoke shop, offering a vast array of tobacco smoking accessories from glass handpipes and waterpipes, to the newest cutting-edge vaporizers and oil rigs. Our expert staff is here to assist you in finding just the right fit for your needs. With thousands of choices, and new exciting merchandise arriving daily, having a highly-trained guide can make all the difference! We stock rolling papers, grinders, blunt wraps, dab stations, glass slides, and bowls—you name it! Stop in and be amazed at 7th Heaven's huge selection of alternative tobacco smoking pipes and accessories! Call Us Directly 816.361.9555... Learn More

Vinyl Underground

The Vinyl Underground is located in the lower level of 7th Heaven at 7621 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64131. We are open from 11 am to 8 pm Mon - Sat and 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday. We sell new and used vinyl records (LPs, 45s, and 78s), cassettes, 8 tracks, reel-to-reel, concert, lowbrow, and poster art, along with new and vintage stereo equipment. We sell needles, cartridges, head shells, sleeves, and record cleaning supplies—if it has to do with vinyl, we have you covered. Stop by for your vinyl fix today! Call Us Directly 816.361.9555 x304 Be social with Vinyl Underground ... Learn More


7th Heaven knows sex! Sure, there are other places to buy adult toys and movies, but they're all generic and boring—or worse, a "dirty bookstore." Is that where YOU want to shop? How about instead you check out a clean, well-lit establishment staffed by friendly, non-judgmental Sexperts (wouldn't you rather get your bondage-gear advice from a real dominatrix? Of course you would. We got one!) 7th Heaven offers an eye-popping selection of all the best new toys: vibes, dongs, plugs, restraints, lingerie, lubes, solo-use toys—hell, we've got a vibrator that syncs via bluetooth with your cell phone! Only in America! And only at 7th Heaven! 7th Heaven is also proud to offer Kansas City's largest selection of African-American themed adult toys! We don't leave anyone out! Whatever your... Learn More

Detox and Cleansers

Need to clean up your act? Partying too hard? Too much fast food? 7th Heaven is here to help, my friend! We offer a large selection of body purification products to make you brand-spanking new! We stock the full lines of Detoxify and Protox—something for every person in every size. In today's world, it just makes sense to occasionally rid your body of all the toxins that you take in—but you need just the right product for YOU. 7th Heaven intensely trains our staff so that you will feel great about the choice we help you make. Ready Clean, Mega Clean, EverClean, shampoos, tablets, drinks—let us guide you through the wide array of options. 7th Heaven is your best friend in this hour of need. Please don't hesitate to ask for our help! We most certainly have what you're looking... Learn More

Local Music

For over 40 years, 7th Heaven has been associated with the best in local Kansas City music. Whether its Shooting Star or Tech N9ne, 7th Heaven has helped to bring them all to national attention. We are a true artist's friend, never turning anyone away who would like to see their music in our store. Rap, rock, gospel—all the local talent know that they need to sell their music at 7th Heaven if they want serious exposure. And 7th Heaven is the proud 20-year partner with MFR Records, home to Rush Borda, Boy Big, Rappin Twan, Felix Mitchell, and, of course, The Mayor of Kansas City, Rich the Factor himself! 7th Heaven has a tradition of attracting true music lovers of all types, fans that really know their stuff. And these fans are regulars here because they know this is where they'll... Learn More


7th Heaven's eclectic, alternative nature is certainly represented in the clothes we sell! But what else would you expect?! With a stylish women's fashion boutique, we offer progressive styles we like to call "hippie hood." (A term we're proud to have coined!) Our buyers keep one eye on Nepal and the far east, while their feet are planted firmly on urban blacktop. Clubwear, leggings, dresses, tops, handbags--all chosen to carefully create and accentuate the singular uniqueness of style that marks today's woman. And we didn't forget accessories: earrings, necklaces and bracelets from all over the world! 7th Heaven has also long been known for our large selection of body jewelry--so unlike what you'll find elsewhere! And of course there's our t-shirts…For decades, 7th Heaven has... Learn More


7th Heaven carries KC's largest selection of incense. We are an exclusive Wild Berry, Flute, HEM, Satya, Gonesh, and Moonstar dealer, carrying all of their incense products. Besides all of the usual stick and cone incense, we also have a full selection of incense oils, waxes, and oil and wax burners. We also carry sage and smudge sticks. If you need to relax or make a place smell better, we have you covered. Call Us Directly 816.361.9555... Learn More