The Cool Pool No. 3 Presented by The Rebellion Corporation

The COOL Pool is a collection of unique, bad ass and most of all mind bending products that 7th Heaven has to offer! The Rebellion believes that everyone should be the most capable version of themself. We are here to bring you the elements to make you that superhero version of your self. This week we ran into a general theme. Stand Out!! That’s important. Be noticed. Everything on this week’s list is meant for just that. They couldn’t be ignored if someone tried. Each item is here to make your life easier, make your experience greater, and give you a hunger to be your most awesome self. #BeCapable Dive in! The water’s fine in #TheCOOLPool!

No Bad Ideas, Oddities Three Thousand, Hats, Caps, Snapbacks, The COOL Pool
No Bad Ideas is one of those companies that, from the moment you see it, you know that it was created with you in mind. Snapbacks, knit hats, flex hats, everyone’s current favorite, the dad hat and just about any other hat you can think of. Each hat has a modern and fashionable look with an inner pocket on each to stash away anything you don’t want to lose. These hats seem more like a gift to the culture rather than your average accessory. The extra pocket being the perfect touch and a great way to stand out from other hat companies. There is a thoughtfulness that you just can not ignore with this. Lock this one up with your belongings, it’s one that you definitely don’t want to lose or get wet at #TheCOOLPool.


RAW, OCB, Frisbee Tray, Disc Golf Frisbee
RAW and OCB are two companies that make sure to stay ahead of the game. Each company is well known for great quality papers and accessories! They separate themselves from other companies by innovating new utensils to make the entire smoking experiece easier. These trays are no different. Each is created with an easy clean and solid surface. Every crumb or drop that goes onto this tray will come off. Each comes with a stunning image and curved edges to make gathering tobacco a breeze. The frisbee is even weighted to regulation for disc golf and has the same type of edges in case you don’t want to travel with your tray. Those trays make for great boards when surfing at #TheCOOLPool!


Metal Pipes, The COOL Pool
These metal pipes are a time traveling device. The best kind. They take you anywhere that you want to go. For most of us, just looking at one takes you back to a simpler time. A time when your pipe really meant something to who you are. 7th Heaven likes to keep that tradition alive with the glass too, but there is nothing like the classics. Pipes like these are conversation starters. They add to your wonder. Most simply, they are an extension of you. These are pieces; conversation pieces, pieces of art, and these pieces were way to cool to deny admission in #TheCOOLPool.


Juicy Jay's, Flavored Rolling Papers, The COOL Pool
Juicy Jay’s do a great job adding a new experience to an old pass time. With countless flavors like Jamaican Rum or Peaches and Cream, there’s always one that you haven’t tried. These papers are triple dipped for a great taste every pull. Unbleached and watermarked to keep from running. Another great product created with us in mind. These papers are fun and exciting and help break up the monotony of our habits. These papers are so Juicy, you’ll be convinced you dropped them in #TheCOOLPool.


Buddha statuette, energy crystals, The COOL Pool
Take control of your life. It’s important to remember that you have the control. These energy crystals and all the practices surrounding them are great reminders of your inner power and a great way to tap into your true self. Be everything you can. Seek good. Do good. Stay centered and find your balance. What one can do with reminders that they are capable is mindblowing. All that is left is to go do. Conquer your purpose. #BeCapable  Anything can happen at #TheCOOLPool.


Snake pipe, glass pipe, Crush Glass, The COOL Pool
Crush Glass goes places that most of us wouldn’t even think about going with glass. The way that they conqer shapes and characters is just incredible. And how functional these awesome creations are is a complete blessing. Snakes, characters from everyone’s favorite shows, and classic cartoons that mean so much to all of us. Pieces like this are awe-inspiring everytime and a treat to deal with. This is a great blend of imagination and creativity. Maybe we’ll get a slide like this for #TheCOOLPool


Stone pipe, animals, The COOL Pool
A good stone piece is hard to find. Usually, it isn’t carved well so the smoke doesn’t travel through the pipe. And of course sometimes they look like the name implies, a rock, with holes in it. These pipes, however, seem to break the mold. It’s obvious that these pipes are meant to wow someone and to make every use enjoyable. Something as simple as smoking out of a dolphin or a turtle can change your entire perspective. BE CAUTIOUS!! There are animals loose in #TheCOOLPool