Toke n Poke February Newsletter

Welcome to the 7th Heaven Toke N Poke February Newsletter. Check out these products now available in our Tobacco & Love Shop.


The Firefly 2 is the vaporizer we’ve all been waiting for. It vaporizes loose-leaf and concentrates, heats in seconds, and delivers consistently superb vapor quality. It’s 55% lighter and 33% smaller than Firefly 1, with customizable temperature settings, an efficient fast-charge battery, and delightful ease of use. With the optional free Firefly app, you can select from six preset temperatures and customize touch sensor activation. Get precisely what you want very time. Includes 2x Rechargeable Batteries, Charging Dock, USB 3.0 Cable, Cleaning Kit, 3x Concentrate Pads.


The IQ is the smallest and most sophisticated portable vaporizer unit in the DaVinci line. Its unique design, ceramic air path, Smart Path technology and bluetooth app integration sets this vaporizer unit out from the rest. A whole new 51 LED dots display gives you a sophisticated feel while enjoying the purest vapor. Enjoy up to 1.5 hours usage time and change batteries on the fly for extended vaping sessions. Craft your own vaping experience with precision temp control ranging from 250-430° F. Includes USB Charging Cable, Alcohol Wipes, Chimney Brush, Keychain Tool, 10mm Adapter, Carry Can.


The Eyce Rig is perfect for dabbing in any occasion. Be adventurous, travel, throw a party, and never worry about your rig shattering to pieces. Features a built in oil container which is great for dabbing on the go. The base of the Rig has 4 tool slots making it easy to prepare your dab while you heat your nail. That coupled with a titanium nail that provides long lasting heat and great taste, and you have yourself one of the most innovative dab rigs on the market today. The storage compartment snaps fit most standard silicone oil containers. The Rig Includes: Silicone Body and Stem, Silicone Storage Container, Titanium Nail, Stainless Steel Tool.


STEAM Is a one of a kind Pyrex glass Steamroller wrapped in food grade silicone for protection and when paired with STASH, it’s custom odor-proof carrying case, this glass steamroller brings you the last glass piece you will ever buy. Designed to last a lifetime with glass manufactured to exact specifications wrapped in a permanent protective food grade silicone skin around a perfect steamroller. This includes the optional STASH carrying case specifically designed to keep your STEAM, and you!


Ideally sized for just about all anal-play experience levels, belts, the Quaker’s smoothly tapered starter bead penetrates comfortably. The four following spheres increase noticeably in size toward the bottom, allowing beginners to start slow and seasoned players the option to advance quickly toward an intense stretch. The Quaker’s base is firm and widely flanged, protecting against too-deep penetration while allowing for precision manual maneuvers. Resonating evenly from tip to base, the Quaker’s 12 modes of vibration are easily varied with a single push button at the underside of the white base. Requires 1 AAA battery. One button easy control. Extremely quiet. Velvety smooth silicone. Waterproof submersible. Running time 2 hours. Maximum diameter 3.5cm. 8.26 inches length.


Spartacus Kink Kit includes a pair of premium leather cuffs to start things off right. To enhance any activity, a two-sided leather and suede blindfold is included. They both pair nicely with the kit’s Latigo leather slapper and the pair of black tweezer clamps. The clamps have adjustable pressures, so you can go from playful to rough quickly and easily. The entire kit is accented with brass embellishments unique to the kit. This kit is perfect to start your BDSM adventure and will help you discover your shade. The handy box makes for easy storage and for easy travel.


Ride a thick cock or a tight ass with the SexFlesh Both Ways Ben! This lifesize, super-realistic masturbator and dildo combo meets all of your needs, for whatever mood you are in. The incredibly lifelike SexFlesh material mimics a supple, eager ass for you to penetrate, complete with ribbed inner tunnel for maximum stimulation and through hole for easy clean-up. The generous cock not only boasts a dual-density firm core and fleshy surface to make all of your meaty fantasies come to life, but is also posable so you can bend and position it to the prefect angle for you. Take your time and try to accommodate as much of the over 2 inch wide shaft as you can! 


Shock Therapy Electro Loops are Perfect for those new to electro-sex, these completely adjustable shock bands can be used in various ways for endless possibilities. The comfortable silicone loop bands can be adjusted using the sliding ring to fit most sizes. Try them as wrist or ankle cuffs or cock and ball straps. Each band provides amazing hands-free stimulation. Choose a setting on the control unit’s dial to control the intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in an instant. The compact control unit can also be used alone as a hand massager. The oval centerpiece delivers the shock once your palm touches any other part of the metal. To use the power unit with the loops, switch it to “out mode” and connect the loops plug-in jack.

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