Toke N Poke November Newsletter

Welcome to the 7th Heaven Toke N Poke November Newsletter. Check out these products now available in our Tobacco & Love Shop.


A hybrid water and dry pipe, this Bubbler’s versatility offers the best of both worlds. This collectible standing glass piece from Marley Natural is the perfect lifestyle amenity for an enriched smoking experience. The generously apportioned base allows for a large volume of water to be filtered, while its globe-shaped percolator assures a premium filtration effect. Exceptional design makes this piece a display-worthy object in and of itself, while removable parts allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The Helix chillum from Grav Labs is a compact, pocket-size, one-hitter version of the high-grade borosilicate glass hand pipe with a funnel-shaped Venturi Chamber body. Micro-holes at the shoulders of the body are angled in the same direction to create a swirling vortex of cooler, smoother smoke that’s fascinating to watch and easier on your throat and lungs. Available in a variety of different colors!


OCB Rolling Trays come in Medium (11″x7.5″) and Large (14″x11″) sizes and feature durable metal construction with rolled and raised edges that keeps things where they should. They are perfect for holding your tobacco while you roll. The pizza theme may make it hard to concentrate, but OCB wants you to reach nirvana one way or another!


The O Venus clitoral stimulator distinguishes itself for the original design inspired and approved by sex toy tester Venus O’Hara. Its ergonomic shape allows for an easy use and handling. The two powerful motors are experienced in teasing and pleasing your clitoris. One orgasm-offering motor gracefully rests in the thick, curved tip and the other is perfectly placed in the clitoris-invigorating wands. With one simple click of a button this silly, yet sexy clitoral enticer, O Venus will sing in 10 different, enchanting melodies. Choose between slow and steady settings, silently-humming straight to your clitoris, or rapid waves of legendary pulsations. She is fully equipped with a USB port and cord and is completely rechargeable.


With this super-soft japanese silk rope from Fetish Fantasy you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of japanese-style bondage play. It’s ideal for those who simply want to tie their partner’s hands and feet, but long enough and durable enough for those who want to engage in shibari style rope bondage. The rope is 1/4″ thick and 200 feet long, perfect for creating elaborate body harnesses and rope restraints.


Zero in on your pleasure center with the Tantric Tongue Oral Sex Wand Attachment. Amply sized, with a realistic look, it transmits vibration from the wand straight to your core. Phthalate-free, the firm material will bend with the body, and is perfect for clitoral or G-spot stimulation. Now you can enjoy the sensation of someone going down on you, together with thrilling vibration, for orgasmic pleasure whenever you want it.

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