What is EHLE Glass?

What is EHLE Glass?

Based in Germany, EHLE Glass has been around for over 70 years, giving the world years of the perfect smoking accessories and services. Thomas Ehle runs EHLE glass proudly producing only the finest glass, having begun after his father in 1988. 

What Separates EHLE From Other Glass?

To 7th Heaven, EHLE is more than just a company that sells water pipes. They are uniquely crafted and of the highest quality, using the best high-grade borosilicate glass to  produce sturdy and reliable glass tubes and accessories with pinpoint precision joints. These pipes are likely to not only last you for years, but outlast any of your other pipes. 

Not many other competing glass companies can say they have what EHLE happily provides. Coming in sizes of: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml, including the impressive 55cm tall, 2000ml EHLEMINATOR for an inhaling challenge, you’re ensured to find the perfect pipe for you. 

Not only do they have a wide range of sizes to suit everyone’s needs, but the team who handcrafts these pieces are what makes EHLE special. They use their education and technical skill to create something truly remarkable, long lasting, and honestly…just straight up cool. 

EHLE Products

EHLE never fails to amaze us with their latest products. Though they’re most commonly known for their incredible (size and design) bongs, they have a plethora of other amazing smoke essentials. 

To start, their artwork *blows* us away. With intricate lines and unique color palettes, they’re sure to match any aesthetic you could look for. Little add ons like carbon holes, and decorative, meticulously placed glass add ons, really does add so much- texture, and attractivity. Secondly, their percolators are not only of high quality but as well as design, to give you the best smoke. With a wide range of water pipes, their dab rigs are just as pleasing to the eye, and of usage. 

Along with bongs and rigs, they also have any other essential smoke tool you could use. They offer a selection of pre-coolers and ash-catchers, silicone cleaning plugs, slim papers, steam rollers, and interchangeable rig tips. 

Is it Worth The Price?

Though EHLE can be on the pricier side of smoke equipment, is it worth the price? Short answer-yes. EHLE pipes are unmatched in design, quality and longevity. Any product from EHLE is guaranteed to last you a long time as it’s handmade from a hardworking team of experienced individuals using the best glass there is around.

You want a product that’s going to last a long time, right? Choose EHLE. 

7th Heaven is proud to carry EHLE’s highest quality smoking glass, ranging from small pipes to big, elegant pieces. Shop local at 7th Heaven to find the best glass near you.