What to Expect at the Best Smoke Shop Near You

So, you’re looking for the best smoke shop near you? Allow us to introduce you to 7th Heaven, KC’s oldest and best smoke shop  

Maybe you’ve visited other local smoke shops, but if you’ve never been to 7th Heaven, prepare to have your mind blown. We have the largest and highest-quality selection in the region and our staff works hard to make sure they can serve any customer’s need. 

Below, we’ve put together more information about what to expect at 7th Heaven, the best smoke shop near you.

What goes into maintaining the best smoke shop near me?

We certainly didn’t earn our rep as the best smoke shop in Kansas City overnight. Since 1974, our owner Jan Fichman has worked tirelessly to make 7th Heaven KC’s go-to for the best smoking accessories, sex toys, music collection, and more. 

We know our selection is what brings people in, but we feel our awesome vibes are what keep customers coming back for nearly 46 years. 

A welcoming environment

We work hard to make sure every person who enters our smoke shop feels comfortable. Our employees treat customers the way they’d want their family to be treated and they’re truly there to help you find the products that work best for your budget and lifestyle. 

Someone who’s been smoking for decades or someone entirely new to the game will feel at ease in our smoke shop. 

Knowledgeable staff

No one knows about smoking options and accessories like the staff that helped make us KC’s top smoke shop. Whether you’re in the market for a top quality dab rig or vaporizer, or you want a few new pipes to complete your collection, you’ll find our staff can help educate you on the best products available.

The absolute best selection

We’re always locating the best glass artists in the world to work with. We’re an exclusive retailer of German made EHLE Glass and we carry pieces by some of the best artists in the country. 

Want to support local glassblowers? We also make sure to support our KC community with selections from the area’s favorite artists. 

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Visit us now & this October 2020 for our 46th anniversary!

This October, we’re celebrating 46 years of being the best smoke shop near you. No matter what you’re looking for, be it in our Smoke Shop, Love Shop, or Vinyl Underground, we promise our selection won’t disappoint you. 

We are the best sex, record, and smoke shop in Kansas City and we can’t wait to welcome you! Find us at 7621 Troost Ave. in KCMO. We’re open 11am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and 11am to 6pm Sunday.